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Hiring: Rockstar Intern

July 18, 2020

I have now finished hiring, and am no longer accepting applications. I enjoyed talking to all the 30+ wonderful, passionate people who applied. It was a great experience. Thanks! :)

Hi friends! 👋

I’m looking for a rockstar intern to join me, starting maybe in the first half of August.

I work as a programmer for a startup for my day job, but I also have several side projects cooking at any given time. The intern will be working with me personally, and will start out by helping me with my side project stuff.

Programming knowledge is good to have, but not mandatory. I can help you pick it up if you’re interested.

What I can offer:

  1. Tons of opportunities to work on, solve and learn from real world problems.
  2. I can help you learn Python.
  3. A stipend. Say 5K a month? It’s not much, sorry, but it’s gas money.
  4. Certificates of internshp, if you believe in them.

What I want in return:

  1. Hustle, willingness to learn, and a growth mindset.
  2. You are good with English — speaking and writing.
  3. You don’t need to be managed, and can get things done on your own.
  4. 3 to 4 hours a day of your time, and you MUST have a computer or laptop with a good internet connection.

You are the ideal candidate for this, if you are:

  1. Still in college and looking for a side gig.
  2. Have atleast a couple of arrears, because you got bored and started working on something on your own instead of going to class.
  3. Have built something on your own before, of your own interest — apps, essays, websites, hacks, electronics, lemonade stands, anything goes.
  4. Found the typo in this message.

If you’re interested / know someone who might be the right fit, please hit me up!

Thanks for reading. You are awesome! ✌️

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