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Its New Year!

December 31, 2014

All the things, said and done,
All those souls, touched and won,
Treasure them up, and say your cheer,
Wear your smile, it’s New Year!

All the hearts, bled and broken,
All the roses, dead and darkened,
Forget them now, and hold your ire,
Start again, it’s New Year!

All the friends, betrayed and lost,
All the enemies, present and past,
Make your peace, and let them near,
Give them a chance, it’s New Year!

All the places, dreamt and desired,
All the travels, aimed and aspired,
Pack your bags, and start from here,
Roam the world, it’s New Year!

All the days, spent and gone,
All the years, yet to be born,
Lucky you are, for smile and tear,
Smile some more, it’s New Year!

All the luck, chance and health,
All the desired fame and wealth,
A beautiful mind, and conscience clear,
May they be yours, this New Year!

~ Pradeep CE 🙂

So, that’s wishing you all a happy new year! May it be an year filled with joy, friends, passion and luck 🙂

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