Pradeep CE

Indie maker, solopreneur, travel enthusiast, and aspiring writer :)


This is my substitute for a “Contact” page, and I link to all my social profiles from here. This is also a handy link to give to people who want to contact me.

Pradeep CE on Twitter: Preferred medium for short communication and shout-outs. It’s quick and easy, and also serves as an archive because everything is public.

Pradeep CE on Instagram: I usually post poems here, but you may find the occasional “photography” as well.

Pradeep CE on Quora: I’m mostly a passive reader here as well. But here’s hoping that changes, and I start writing!

Pradeep CE on Github: This is Home. This is where all the magic happens. 😁

Pradeep CE on StackOverflow: Mostly because I want to upvote and show appreciation for the people who help out, but I do take a shot at an occasional answer.

Pradeep CE on Codepen: You can find some of my freeCodeCamp projects here, from back in the day.

Pradeep CE on freeCodeCamp: My first ever paid stint was a direct result of what I learnt on freeCodeCamp over two or three weeks. I’m forever grateful to Quincy and team. They are helping thousands of people every day: huge props to them!

Pradeep CE on xBhp: I’m not very active here now, because I hardly have time for my motorcycle.

Pradeep CE on Couchsurfing: I see Couchsurfing as a way to meet new and interesting people, learn new things, learn other languages and make new friends. Not active here at the moment, but I wish to couchsurf some day.

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