👋  Hello, I'm  Pradeep CE.

Indie maker, solopreneur, travel enthusiast, and aspiring writer :)

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I am always building one thing or another — apps, circuit boards, services, libraries, tiny experiments to understand my stack better — so I decided to document them here for others to check out.

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And the customary "about" page with everything the Internet might want to know about me. Tweet at me if we have a lot in common!

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I dabble in poetry and prose quite a bit, and recently published a book!

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So, what am I hacking on at the moment?

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Perpetually curious, hungry and foolish, one day I hope to put a ding in the Universe.

As you might have guessed by now, I love learning new things and solving problems with hardware and software. I taught myself Python and Javascript from the Web, and since then, I have been designing and building soulful web applications.

If what I do and write about sounds interesting to you, or if you want to be the first to hear about my new projects, please leave your email here. I won't sell your email address or send you spam: promise!

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