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Ecstasy: Poems on Love, Life, Longing and Pain

“Ecstasy: Poems on Love, Life, Longing and Pain” is a collection of short poems weaving threads of love, life, loss, longing, the pain that arises from it, and living in the face of this adversity. Giving life to a plethora of emotions, the free-flowing poems take you on a journey that melts your heart and makes you cry.

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Ecstasy: Poems on Love, Life, Longing and Pain

I started writing the poems in this book around my second year of college (early 2014). I had written a couple of poems in school, but the first among the ones in this book was She — an Ode to an Angel. I had scribbled it on the back of a notebook during a boring lecture, and a friend of mine convinced me to put it out there. I ended up putting it on Facebook, and that’s how all this started.

One fine June evening this year (2020), I went through my notes and realised I had over fifty poems. I had heard of Kindle Direct Publishing before, and decided to give it a shot. So I created an account, whipped up a cover using a Pexels photo, formatted the book, and uploaded it. And just like that, I had published a book my midnight!

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