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Chrome Bookmarks Bar

May 13, 2014

For those of you who haven’t discovered it yet, you can create bookmarks in Google Chrome without giving them a name. So, you can simply line up your bookmarks as little icons in your Bookmarks Bar. 🙂

Here’s how you do it.

Create a bookmark by pressing the star on the right corner of the addressbar. Delete all the text in the Name field, and click OK.

Create a Bookmark

Remember to select the Folder as Bookmarks Bar.

You can even create folders with empty names inside the Bookmarks Bar folder, so that a folder icon appears on it, grouping related bookmarks. I did something similar.

First off, I created a folder in the Bookmarks Bar folder, with an empty name. Next, I created several folders for grouping my bookmarks. I named these, and put them inside the folder-with-no-name ( 😛 ).

You can create folders too!

This way, I had a folder icon on my bookmarks bar, by clicking which, I could access all my other folders. That made my bookmarks bar pretty neat, and gave me enough room for all the sites I frequented 🙂

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