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Love Untold

May 07, 2014

What happens to love untold?

Does it slowly wither and die,
And the lover’s heart petrify?
Or does it strongly fight and hold,
And soar through heavens untold?

What happens to love withheld?

Does it slowly sink and hide,
Like a piece of rock into the tide?
Or does it strongly bob and float,
With unfurled sails, like a beautiful boat?

What happens to love unsaid?

No, it doesn’t fall and die;
No, it doesn’t dormant lie.
See it float and onward fly,
Like a colourful bird upon the sky!

Oh, how it soars unsaid!
Up, on and never dead.
The purest form of love – behold
The song of love untold!

~ Pradeep CE 🙂

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