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She — An Ode to an Angel

April 24, 2014

Locks of lovely dark curls,
With a tiny twinkling earring;
Of all the million girls,
Her face with beauty brimming.

Silently, she walks by…
Breath-taking is her beauty!
Head bent and feeling shy,
Her dimpled cheeks so puffy.

Caring as a mother is she,
And hurts not a bird or bug.
With one look she trapped me,
My heart her heart did hug!

Rosy lips and wavy hips,
And a chin so proper and cute.
My heart a hundred beats skips,
To her beauty there’s no dispute.

She was the one, that was the one,
And she meant the world to me.
Like her there was none,
But alas! We weren’t meant to be.

Lost seemed my pointless life,
Without here lovely presence.
Off she went as another’s wife,
Draining me of all essence.

I cried to God to end my life,
But He let me live and was amused.
So I slit my throat with a kitchen knife,
And finished what He refused.

At the gates of heaven, they let me pass,
And bade me speak my grieving heart.
I told them of my lovely lass,
And of fate that put us miles apart.

They heard from me a sorry tale
‘Bout the love of a man so mere.
I spied from all the angels pale,
A tiny truthful tear.

Love’s got no sense they say,
And neither rule nor code!
An angel in every way,
To her stands this Ode!

~ Pradeep CE 🙂

P.S: ‘She’ is not real – as yet – and does not mean any real person… 😉

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